Before and After Comparison

I love having a comparison and I know so do many other people. Amazon has figured that out as well. Have you noticed when purchasing an item they will list several other items (but not too many) next to it with a comparison grid? I use it all the time. It shows me the value in what the product has to offer. That is my goal today. In having these comparison's, I hope to show you the benefit of having me as your professional Photographer take your images for your Real Estate listing or even your Air bnb home! My specialty isn't only taking is in giving an accurate perception of the home you are trying to sell. It is in creating a connection with the viewer in a way that they can see themselves living in the space. It is in creating emotional attachments to home, before they even step foot in the door. Escpecially when comparred to the photography that they are seeingon MLS that are not taken by a professional. So many agents still do not use a professional Real Estate Photographer to take photos of their new listing. I get it, it's an added cost...why spend the money when you can take them yourself? This is why. Below I have photos taken by an agent with their point and shoot or probably even their cell phone. Then next to it I have the images that I took. Which home would you want to see? Which home would you want to live in? Which home would bring you more leads?