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First Impresions are Everything


I offer REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY services from Santa Maria up to Paso Robles! If you need a listing shot, I'll provide high quality images and have them done and ready for you within 24hrs. Let me provide that first impression that will get you buyers in the door!

Central Coast Real Estate Photographer

A little about me.

I've grown up in the Central Coast's since I was 4 and can't imagine finding a better place to live. I started photography 15 years ago with film and made the switch to digital. I've been shooting professionally for the past 5 years and Real Estate listings since 2014 on the Central Coast. Photography is my passion and I take a lot of pride in my work. I love that "work" for me is doing something that I love.

Central Coast Real Estate Photographer - Marcel Martinez

Why Use A Professional Photographer:

* Photos are overwhelmingly viewed first in real estate listings.

* Photography is the central component of online home marketing. If there are no photos or the photo quality is poor (too dark, cluttered, camera phone pictures, etc) that potential buyer will move onto the next listing.

* According to a 2010 Redfin study, homes that are professionally photographed sell for at least $934 and as much as $18,819 more than homes photographed by an amateur. The study also shows that homes photographed by a professional garner 61 percent more online views.

* According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 83 percent of home buyers use the internet to research houses.

* Additionally, the NAR survey revealed that home buyers rated photographs as the most useful tool in their home search

* Hiring a professional photographer will give you consistent quality and save you time.

* High-quality photos have a large emotional impact on buyers.

* Professional photographers have the equipment necessary to produce high quality photographs; a high resolution digital single lens reflex camera, a super wide-angle lens, an integrated flash, tripod, etc.

* Professional photographers also have the experience to deal with difficult lighting situations.

Set yourself apart, offer professional photography as part of your listing pitch.

* Why not offer ADDED VALUE to your listing pitch by including professional photographs of the property?

* With better photographs, you will provide your clients more exciting online curb appeal.

* The greater the visual appeal, the more potential buyers will want to view the property giving you more opportunities to CLOSE THE SALE!

* Remember, clients don't hire photographers to sell their homes, and they don't hire Realtors to photograph it.


Head Shots - (1/2 hr session with up to 10 images) - $125

Central Coast Real Estate Photographer

MLS Standard Listing (recommended for homes up to 2,000sq ft)- $175 - up to 25 photos

MLS Deluxe Listing (recommended for homes larger then 2,000sq ft)-- $200 - 25+ photos (25-40 photos)

Twighlight Images- Add $50 to Standard or Deluxe listing.

Central Coast Real Estate Photography

Composite Exterior- $150 One Exterior image composite.

Composite Package- $250 One Exterior image composite &

one interior image composite.




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Slideshow -$50 (must be purchased with Standard or Deluxe listing)

Drone Photography - Add $100 (I am now a licensed drone pilot through the FAA! Which means I can legally operate for commercial use, and you do not have to worry about fines or breaking the federal law.) *Drone Pilots can not fly within 5 miles of San Luis Airport or Santa Maria airport unless authorized. FAA request 90 days for authorization.

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